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About me

My name is Alexander Jordan. I live and work in Ljubljana, and have been a full-time English language teacher since I left the UK in 2006.

Since then I have taught many people of many nationalities and from all walks of life; government ministers and business leaders, lawyers and doctors, entrepreneurs and I.T. specialists, Air Traffic Controllers and university students, unemployed people and refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have taught from absolute beginners to advanced students, and every level in between!

I believe teaching is all about building confidence, trust and rapport so students feel able to speak freely and with the knowledge that I will help them correct their mistakes and fill gaps in their knowledge.


I enjoy teaching as it gives me the opportunity to meet many different people and have interesting and productive conversations with them. I also feel a lot of pride in my students when they show improvement over time and succeed in English exams or business situations that they previously struggled with.


I use my own tried and tested methodologies that I have developed over the years, along with well-respected materials such as Oxford - New English File, Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC), Oxford - Headway, Oxford - Business Result to ensure that students achieve their potential in English.

I have been self-employed for the last few years, but previously I also worked for language schools in Slovenia, Croatia, Latvia and Russia.

My qualifications:

Cambridge CELTA certificate for teaching

Higher National Diploma - Event Management

Bachelor's Degree - Managing Cultural & Major Events


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