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Hike-4-Botrstvo 2019

July to October 2019 - As well as completing the final 17 control points of the SPP (including Triglav, 2864m, the highest mountain in Slovenia) to raise money for Botrstvo, I also expanded the project to raise funds for the Croatian children's charity, RTL Pomaže Djeci ('RTL Helps Children'). During this period I also hiked Dinara (1831m), the highest mountain in Croatia.

My project raised the following totals:

Hike-4-Botrstvo 2018/2019 = 3980eu

Hike-4-RTL Pomaže Djeci 2019 = 8606kn (approx 1150eu)

This combined total of over 5000eu is much more than I originally expected, so a huge thank you to all the people and companies who donated and supported the project, and to all those I met along the way. All the money will go directly to disadvantaged children in Slovenia and Croatia, so your help is much appreciated in both countries!

The project involved a lot of hard work and hard hiking, but it was definitely worth it in the end, and I highly recommend hiking as a way of seeing more of the beauty of Slovenia and Croatia!

For more details and photos of my journey:

LinkedIn – Alexander Jordan s.p

Alexander Jordan s.p. English teacher in Ljubljana

Hike-4-Botrstvo 2018

Starting on 4th July 2018, I attempted to hike the Slovenian Mountain Trail from Maribor to Ankaran (600km!) in 28 days to raise money for the Slovenian children's charity Botrstvo.

Unfortunately, due to bad weather and foot / toe injuries (one of which required surgery at the end of July!), I was only able to complete just over 300km of the route in different stages during July.

After following medical advice to rest at the start of August, I completed more parts of the trail in August, September and October, fitting in several hikes around my work and other commitments during that time.

By the time my Botrstvo campaign finally finished on 31.10.18, I had hiked approximately 500km, collected 63 out of 80 SPP stamps, and the project had raised a fantastic €2350 for Botrstvo!

​I would like to give huge thanks to everyone who donated and got involved in the project in 2018, your support for my hike and for Botrstvo is much appreciated!


What is Botrstvo?

The humanitarian project ‘Sponsorship in Slovenia’ (Botrstvo) started in 2010 as part of The Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje. It is focused on helping children from socially disadvantaged families from all over Slovenia. The goal of the project is to connect children in need with people who are willing to help, with the intention of improving their development and creating equal opportunities for all children. I chose to do this hike to raise money for them because they do great work, and they are a very well-respected charity in Slovenia who do all they can to help children in need.

For more info about the charity: Botrstvo website

What is the Slovenian Mountain Trail?


The Slovenian Mountain Trail is the oldest connecting trail in Europe, and was created in 1953. Its founder, Ivan Šumljak, advised hikers: “Walk slowly, my friend. In that way, you will experience much, much more.”


Map and info in English:


Slovenian Mountain Trail - Wikipedia



Dinara is the highest peak in Croatia at 1831m. It is located on the border between Croatia and Bosnia & Hercogovina, near the Croatian city of Knin.

Dinara - Wikipedia


Disclaimer - I am an experienced hiker but I am not a mountain guide and do not offer mountain guide services.

Sponsors and Partners
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