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References from Slovenia:

"There are two things about Alex which make him a unique and excellent teacher. The first is that you don't even realise when the class has started, because he engages you in interesting small-talk and it feels like you are learning in a natural way through conversation. Secondly, he often corrects you and he also takes notes, and when you finish talking, he shows you your mistakes and teaches you how to improve on these. He is also punctual, tolerant and always well-prepared. I have no problem in recommending him to everybody."

- Tomaž Pogačnik - Owner - Comland d.o.o., Ljubljana

"Being a scientist these days means being exposed to English on many levels and in many different areas. We have had English courses at the Anton Melik Geographical Institute (ZRC SAZU) for more than 10 years and Alex is our best English teacher. His classes are an ideal way for us to train intensively and improve our English communication skills. He is a professional in all aspects and an outstanding teacher but he is also a cheerful person with a great sense of humour. Alex is the perfect combination of a strict professor, who will correct your mistakes in time to prevent constant repetition of them, and a very friendly guy you enjoy talking to. He is excellent at instigating interesting discussions where the students can debate various topics and really use the language to express their opinions. We have 2 English classes per week with 12 participants in total, and all of the students like and respect Alex as a teacher and as a person."

- Dr. Drago Perko - Director - Anton Melik Geographical Institute, ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana

References from Croatia:

"I had individual classes with Alex in my office in 2012, and I can say that he is a very good teacher. We discussed a lot of business topics as well as general conversation, and I liked how he corrected my mistakes immediately. I enjoyed our classes and I feel that my English improved during our course. I would gladly recommend him!"

- Alma Mekić Ćerdić - CEO - Erste factoring, Zagreb, Croatia


"Alex Jordan is an outstanding teacher with great commitment to his work. He has excellent teaching skills. He is very creative and it was a pleasure to study with him. During our classes I came to respect him greatly because he was always so helpful and had great techniques for language teaching. Often, his will to teach was greater than mine was to learn! Also, during coffee after classes I discovered he is a very nice and interesting person who I am glad to have as a friend. A great teacher and a great person!!!"

- Ivana Kovačević - General Manager - Vetus itinera d.o.o, Split, Croatia

References from Latvia:

"Alex is the best English teacher ever, and believe me, I have studied with several! I hope he comes back to Latvia someday so I can continue my lessons with him. Additionally, I would say that his style of teaching is friendly and casual. The best memories!"

- Līga Abolina - Deputy State Secretary - Ministry of Welfare, Rīga, Latvia

"I like English classes with Alex very much. He always prepares tasks according to your level of English and themes you would like to develop. He is an open-minded and communicative person, it is always a pleasure to talk to him. If you have any questions, he will explain everything clearly. My level of English has definitely improved since I started learning English with him."

- Julija Tarasova - Business Customer Finance Manager - DNB Bank, Rīga, Latvia

References from Skype classes:

"Alex helped me a lot via Skype when I needed to take the IELTS test at the end of 2016. I hadn't spoken much English for a long time and I was worried about the speaking part of the test, but having online conversations with him made me remember and improve even further my speaking as well as the other parts of the test. He is an excellent teacher, he is well-prepared and knows the IELTS test very well, and during my exam his recommendations were really helpful. In class we practiced a lot of possible scenarios for every part of the test and his feedback was awesome, he pointed out my mistakes and helped me realize how to correct them myself, he also provided me with useful phrases better suited for certain scenarios. Besides which, he is a great guy, his classes were very enjoyable and just like having a conversation with a friend."

- Gonzalo Valencia - IT Trainee - UTEC, Lima, Peru

I had a 1-2-1 English course with Alex in Riga in 2014, and I have been taking English classes with him on Skype since August 2017. I would say that these classes are very enjoyable and Alex is a very professional English teacher. He is able to quickly identify the areas of English that need improvement, and effectively communicate these to the student. I would also say that he has a positive way of motivating me to work, which is important for my confidence. I highly recommend Alex to any other students who are keen to improve their English skills.

- Sandis Puzulis - Regional Sales Manager, (East Europe, Russia, CIS) - Magicard Ltd, Riga, Latvia


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